Westminster Place

Our Roots

Published by Board of Trustees--to be updated if more information is available

Following World War II, federal housing initiatives and highway development enabled more St. Louisans to fulfill the American dream of home ownership. This included residents of the Central West End’s stately apartment buildings and duplexes who were among those to join the movement to western suburbs. Landlords were left with fewer tenants and the option to drop rent, cut apartments and duplexes into smaller units, or abandon buildings altogether. As the neighborhood demographic changed, homes, too, were turned into apartments and rooming houses or abandoned. Many CWE blocks fell into ruin. However, some neighborhoods took measures to protect their communities amidst the surrounding deterioration.

In June of 1957, in order to “restrict and prevent the encroachment of blight and decay; …preserve the exclusive residential character of the area…; provide for the health, welfare and safety of the residents…; and maintain the value of their property…” the residents of Westminster Place signed a Deed of Restrictions. That deed has continued for over fifty years and is achieving its goal.