Westminster Place


     St. Louis in 1870
     The Central West End in 1875
     The Central West End in 1890
     St. Louis in 1897-1901 Caution! 148MB
     Our neighborhood in 1897
     Our neighborhood in 1909 - northwest quadrant (Sanborn Maps sheet 083)
     Our neighborhood in 1909 - northeast quadrant (Sanborn Maps sheet 084)
     Our neighborhood in 1909 - southwest quadrant (Sanborn Maps sheet 095)
     Our neighborhood in 1909 - southeast quadrant (Sanborn Maps sheet 096)
     Our neighborhood in 1909 - nearby streets (Sanborn Maps index)
     Forest Park with World's Fair overlay - as a Google Earth KMZ file
     CWE buildings 1928 and earlier - east of Kingshighway
     CWE buildings 1928 and earlier - west of Kingshighway
     Plat map from about 1930 - clipped from above
     Map of our neighborhood
     Satellite photo of our neighborhood
     As above but very detailed - caution! 951 KB
     Satellite photo - newer, higher resolution and in color
     Buried street light wiring - map
     Map of Forest Park
     Weather forecast - with 10-day prediction